Wednesday, 22 June 2011

First Past the Post

We have had some what of a tidy up of our businesses and associated web sites, The Cmedia web site is our web design vehicle and still somewhat off completion, but nearly there, we plan of course to offer our service bi-lingual and our experience in finance has given us some great options that we can use to offer web design and design services, on a fully amortized costing so no big fees, just a nice manageable monthly cost.

So next on our list was to set up a vehicle for our blog, we are a little unsure how we are going to tackle  the bilingual on blogger, but we will work that one out and let you all know.

So for starters, we have kicked off with a few small web sites that we are using to trail our return to the web design market.

Swansea water sports had a bit of a rejig and we have now put them on a customized wordpress site, and we have used some great plugins for full SEO, this is ongoing but we will let everyone know what we have used there and what kind of effect it has had on their business, in the mean time, why not take a look, these guys are a great bunch of people and if you want to get wet and have fun, get yourself over to Swansea for a fab time

Chase-cars this is in its infancy at the moment and we just have a holding page there, but this is a fascinating business this mechanical genius has decided to pool all the knowledge he has built up and decided to design from the ground up a slot car (scalaetrix) for us grown up kids, watch this space, we will be working on the design for that in the coming months.

And finally anyone fancy a break in Pembroke; we have just got someone a very quick WP web site to advertise their cottage.

More information can be seen  on our currently ever changing web site and please be kind we are not 100% there yet.

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